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9 Fast Ways to Create an Info Product
Without Ever Writing a Book
#1 – TEXT: Crowd-Sourced Books Some of you, as soon as you saw the word “text,” probably just
freaked out and said, “That’s cool, Russell, but I don’t want to write a book or a report or whatever.
That’s stressful and hard.” And it is hard! So instead, I’m going to show you ways you can get books
written super fast without actually having to write anything. Sound good?
Have you ever heard of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book? It was written by
Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield. And guess what? They didn’t write a
word of that book outside of the title. Instead, they found a whole bunch of
people who had an inspirational story and compiled their stories into a book.
After the giant success of their first book, they rebranded their book for over
250 different markets. Do you love horses? There’s Chicken Soup for the
Horse Lover’s Soul. Have teenagers? Try Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul.
Oh, are you a dentist? Don’t forget about Chicken Soup for the Dental Soul.
Joined an MLM? Be sure to read Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s
Soul. In almost every market known to man, they made a Chicken Soup for
the Soul book, and they didn’t have to write any of them. They just had to find
101 people who had an inspirational story about the same general subject and
then combined the stories into a book. Those books went on to sell 500 million copies worldwide, all
because they chose to combine stories into a book.
You’ve probably seen my own book, 30 Days, right? This book is one of my best-selling products I’ve
ever created. One night I had it at my house and my kids said to me, “Dad, you wrote another book!?!”
And I said, “Well, kind of…” They looked at me and asked, “What do you mean: ‘kind of’?” So I said to
them, “Well, I wrote the title but the book was just written by 30 people. Each of them wrote a chapter,
and then I just combined them into a book.” And my son, Bowen, replied, “Dad, is that cheating?” To
which I laughed and answered, “No. That’s not cheating. It’s just a really fast way to create info products.”
Now, to create your own crowd-sourced book, look for experts in your industry. Have them each write
a chapter and combine those into a book. If you were in the ketogenic diet market, you could get seven
ketogenic diet experts to each write a chapter about a certain part of the diet and call it The 7 Mistakes
People Make on the Ketogenic Diet. After you gave away your book, you could sell ketogenic diet recipe
books and other products afterward.
Some of you are thinking right now, “But Russell, I don’t sell ketogenic diets, so that doesn’t work for
me.” Right, I get it. But this is where you need to use your brain to look for ways you could serve your
audience best. What could you do to help your market? Which experts or specialists could you contact
to ask them to write a chapter in your book? What “hook” will draw your audience in with curiosity?
Then, compile all their chapters into a book you can put together really quickly.
P R O T I P ! P R O T I P !
L E A D F U N N E L S S W I P E F I L E | 18
#2 – TEXT: Example Books Some of my best-selling books were created by just compiling examples
from my business. This specific book shown in the image is simply 108 split tests that we ran, then we
compiled all those examples into a book.
We’ve also compiled examples into our monthly newsletter we sell.
Each month, I find two funnels I like, and then I funnel hack them. I put
the pictures in there, and then we sell the newsletter.
We also put together a book called The 74 Funnel Swipe File. All we
did was take screenshots of 74 funnels, and then we combined those
examples into a book. We even used this book to raise over a million
dollars for a charity we love!
Oh, and by the way… guess what this book is? It’s a compilation of
114 unique lead funnel examples. All I did was compile a bunch of my
favorite lead funnels, give some training about how to make a lead
funnel, and boom! I created a product that fast! You’ll even see as you
look at the lead funnel examples in the back of the book that some people even made lead magnets by
just compiling examples too. For their landing pages, they said, “Here’s 100 of my favorite Facebook ads.
Opt in to get them all,” then they would get huge lists based on giving away compilations of examples.
To create your own example book, what data, reports, or case studies have you already created (or you
could create quickly) that you could compile into a book? Do you have case studies, pictures, screen
shots, before/after testimonials, swipe files, ads, email newsletters…? I could go on and on! Gather them
all together and compile them into a book. Be sure to put a hook in the title to attract your audience.
#3 – TEXT: Public Domain Books The last text example we’ll talk about is making books from the
public domain. If you’re not familiar with the public domain, they’re basically creative materials (like
books, movies, plays, songs, photographs, instruction manuals, posters, courses, reports, etc.) whose
copyright has expired, and therefore you can use them without needing permission. At this moment,
any creative materials in the United States created before 1923 are now in the public domain. It’s great
for you because you can just grab them, slap your label on them, and publish them as your own.
One of the most popular books in the public domain currently is Think
and Grow Rich. Even though it was published after 1923, it fell into the
public domain because its copyright wasn’t renewed. Now you can take it,
rebrand it for your market, and give it away for free without ever having to
write the book! You could call it: Think and Grow Rich for Internet Marketers,
Think and Grow Rich for Dentists, or Think and Grow Rich for (your market).
Simply add a chapter yourself by explaining how the principles in the book
relate to your audience, and boom! You can have a book ready to give away.
You might be saying to yourself, “I can’t do that Russell. That feels like
stealing.” It’s not stealing, and yes, you can do that. According to the law,
you’re able to do it because the creative work was either made before
1923 or its copyright has expired and it’s fallen into the public domain. So
therefore, you can make a derivative work out of it.
“Russell that seems shady.” Okay then, was Walt Disney shady? All he’s ever done is find stories in the
public domain and turn them into movies. He makes derivative works and therefore doesn’t have to
pay anyone royalties or licenses because they’re all in the public domain.
L E A D F U N N E L S S W I P E F I L E | 19
Have you heard of Frozen? It’s from a little story called “The Snow Queen” that was in the public domain.
How about The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast? He took the ideas for both of those movies
(and many more ideas) from the public domain. In fact, at least 50 of his movies stemmed from stories
in the public domain. You can do the same thing because there’s more creative materials in the public
domain than you can ever dream of.
One of my friends, Matt Furey, found an old wrestling book from 1914 by this guy named Farmer Burns.
He took the book, republished it, and made millions of dollars selling the book.
To create your own book quick, go to gutenberg.org or ebay.com to find someone else’s unprotected
work that you can repurpose as your own. On gutenberg.org you can find over 58,000 ebooks on
the site for free. Their mission is to find as many public domain books and house them in one site for
everyone to find. You can search for books in your specific market and see if you can find a book that
you can republish and use as your lead magnet.
You can also go to ebay.com and search by publication years for non-fiction books. Just choose books
that have been published before 1923, and then find one that can work for your audience. There’s
even a company that will take your book, scan it, and turn it into an ebook for you. Boom! Now you’ve
created an info product that quick as well!
Now that you’ve learned about creating info products fast with the written word, I want to teach you
an important concept before we move into the audio and video sections. When you’re trying to hook
someone to opt in for your lead magnet, you need to make sure they view it as something valuable.
Oftentimes, people don’t opt in if they don’t see the value in what you’re providing. So how do you
increase the value? You can package it in a different way. Instead of just creating something with text,
you can package the same content into an audio or video format, therefore raising its value.
#4 – AUDIO: Audio Books My favorite example of packaging the same content in different ways also
has to do with Think and Grow Rich, which we talked about earlier. I remember when I first started going
to marketing events, everyone would talk about this book. “Have you read Think and Grow Rich?” they’d
ask me. I had never heard of it before, so I went to Amazon and bought it for something like $9.97. I had
great intentions to read it, but after setting it on the shelf next to my bed, it sat there for a month.
Later, I went to another marketing event, and three people from stage said, “Have you read Think and
Grow Rich? You need to read Think and Grow Rich!” In the audience, I said to myself excitedly, “Nice!
It’s on my bookshelf. I’ll read it when I get home.” After I went home, though, I looked at it once and
then promptly fell asleep without reading it. A couple of months later, I went to another event, and the
same thing repeated itself for almost a year. Finally, at one of the events, I thought to myself, “This is
embarrassing. I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing.” I don’t like
to read as much, so I wondered if there was an audiobook. Now, this was
about 15 years ago, so Audible wasn’t even a thing back then.
Because eBay was my favorite site, I went to ebay.com and typed in
“Think and Grow Rich” where I found a CD course of the book. Because
it’s in the public domain, someone took the book, recorded himself
reading it, turned it into a CD course, and sold it on eBay for $97. I was
so excited that I could finally “read” Think and Grow Rich that I bought it
right away, even though I had the exact same thing sitting on my shelf.
Once I got the CDs, I played them in my car. After a week and a half, I had
consumed the information and got incredible value from it.
L E A D F U N N E L S S W I P E F I L E | 20
Now what’s interesting is this: Think and Grow Rich sold on Amazon for $9.97, yet on eBay it sold for
$97. Was there a difference between the two versions? No. Word for word they were the same. The only
difference was how the product was delivered. Because it was an audio course, instead of a book, it
could be sold for a higher price; the value increased because it was packaged differently.
That’s what I want you to really understand. Sometimes you can increase the value of your info product
or lead magnet just by packaging it in a different way. To give you an example, if your audience was
dentists, you could record yourself talking about dental stories and how Think and Grow Rich applies
to dentistry. Then you could package up the audio recording with the Think and Grow Rich ebook, and
boom! You’d have a sexy offer to give to dentists. In fact, I could even do that right now for my funnel
hackers: Think and Grow Rich for Funnel Hackers!
Another example of how you can record an audio book and turn it into an info product or lead magnet
is when I recorded one of my very first audio books: Life Work of Farmer Burns. I found it on eBay, and
because it was published in 1911 (which is before 1923), it was in the public domain. I gave it to my
father-in-law who has an amazing radio voice, and he went down to the radio station and read the
entire book. I put it on CDs, and it became one of my very first products I ever sold.
Just as I created an audiobook from a book in the public domain, you can do it too. In fact, you can even
give your audio book away as your lead magnet and start building your lead funnel very, very quickly
just making audiobooks.
#5 – AUDIO: Interview Recordings I remember reading a book called 12-Month Millionaire and
learning how a guy named Vince James made $100 million in 23 months selling supplements through
direct mail. I thought to myself, “That dude’s awesome. I’d love to talk to him, but he’ll never talk to me,
though, because I’m this little dorky college kid who doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Maybe he
will, though…” I thought, and set off to email him.
After praising his book, I asked him if I could interview him because his book had some really good stuff
and I had some questions. He wrote back, said yes, and asked when was a good day for the interview.
I wrote back, “How about Saturday?” and he said “Great!” He let me interview him for three hours on
that Saturday, and by the time we wrapped up, he asked, “Do you have any more questions?” I said yes,
so then he said, “Well, I gotta go, but how about we do this next Saturday, so you can ask me some more
questions.” I replied, “Are you serious!?!”
We talked again the next Saturday, and I interviewed him for three more hours. At the end, I had spent
six hours interviewing this guy who made $100 million on the concepts I learned in his book. He told
me I could keep the audio recordings and do whatever I wanted with
them, and he just asked if I could send him a copy, too, so he could sell
them to his list. Of course I said yes!
About a year later, I was struggling to figure out how to get people
to buy my stuff, so I put the six hours of audio recordings with Vince
James into a funnel to sell. That funnel was the first funnel I ever made
to hit the Two Comma Club!
In fact, most of my products are just interviews with people who
are experts in the topic I want to sell to. I could easily do a lead
funnel where I say to my audience, “Hey, do you want to learn
the trial close? I interviewed the guy I learned trial close from.
L E A D F U N N E L S S W I P E F I L E | 21
Give me your email address and I’ll give you this audio.” And just like that, I could have a lead magnet
so fast.
In your market, who’s written books? Could you call and interview them? Could that become your lead
magnet in your new lead funnel? It’s literally so simple and so easy. Interviewing experts is one of the
fastest ways to create info products and get a really powerful lead magnet.
#6 – AUDIO: Hard-To-Find Audio Compilations The last way to create info products quickly with
audio is to compile some of your favorite podcasts. Have you ever tried to find a podcast episode that
someone told you about? It’s difficult, isn’t it? If I was to come to you and say, “Hey, I listened to this
podcast interview by one of my favorite authors. In the interview, he talked about (training), and it was
amazing.” You would probably immediately reply, “That’s amazing. What episode is it?”
While it would probably take me some time to find it, it would probably take you even longer to find it.
I might say, “I don’t know; let me go find it. He’s done like 700 podcast episodes. Actually, shoot me
your email address and then when I find it, I’ll shoot you the link to what episode it is.” You would be
so grateful that you didn’t have to go through all the headache of listening to 700 episodes to find the
right one.
You can do the exact same thing for your audience. For instance, on your landing page for your lead
funnel, you could say, “Hey, of all of Gary Vaynerchuk’s trainings, this one podcast episode changed
everything for me. If you give me your email address, I’ll shoot you a direct link to that podcast episode.
That way you can listen it, because if you’re struggling like I was, this will change everything for you.”
Boom! I made a lead magnet off of somebody else’s free content.
You don’t have to be limited to just compiling your favorite podcast episodes, though. You can do it with
blog posts, YouTube videos, or any number of other resources that you find valuable. You become the
expert because you’re compiling the best information for your audience so they don’t have to do the
work themselves. Literally, this one takes about 5 seconds. It’s so easy. In fact, you should even make
a lead funnel with my best podcast episodes that mean the most to you. Then, you can give it away as
your lead magnet and sell ClickFunnels on your thank you page and in your follow-up funnel.
#7 – VIDEO: Screen Captures If you’ve never done a video recording your screen, you might be
confused how to do it. The great news is it’s super easy!
For probably the first eight years of my business, all
I did was create screen capture videos. Every single
product I created was a screen capture. I’d make an
outline, just like the one you see in this picture, and
record my screen as I went through the outline. This is
the very first Funnel Hacks training course we did, and
it literally sold over $10 million before we updated the
training. On the left-hand side, I had a Word document
with the outline of what I wanted to talk about. On the
right-hand side, I had an example. Then I would just
talk, show an example, and repeat the process until I
had gone through my entire outline. I made $10 million
by just recording my screen and talking!
L E A D F U N N E L S S W I P E F I L E | 22
You can easily do the same thing and create a lead magnet like Myron did. Remember to create a title
like “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Make,” write an outline of those seven mistakes on
your computer, and record yourself going through the outline. Now, the perceived value of your lead
magnet video is higher than audio and text. You can say to your audience, “Just give me your email
address and you’ll get a video explaining the seven biggest mistakes…” It’s super powerful!
How do you actually record your screen, though? Easy! First, make an outline or a powerpoint slide and
have it showing on your screen. Then, download Camtasia (if you’re on a PC) or ScreenFlow (if you’re
on a Mac). Plug in a headset microphone and click record. It will record your screen and you talking to
yourself as you go through the outline. When you’re finished, simply press stop to end the recording. In
just a few minutes, you’ve created a great lead magnet to give away.
#8 – VIDEO: iPhone How To’s You probably have an iPhone or some
other type of smartphone, right? Every one of these smartphones
has a camera with a little button that says record, so you can literally
pull out your phone, click record, and just talk into it. My friend, Rachel
Pedersen, recently created an entire expensive course with just her
camera on her iPhone! If she can do an entire course, you can record
a simple video.
To quickly make your lead magnet, repeat the same process we’ve
been discussing above by creating an outline, and then just record
a video of yourself on your iPhone going through the outline. It’s
even faster than doing a screen capture because you don’t have to
download anything. Just open up your camera, press record, and talk!
#9 – VIDEO: Workshops The last way to create an info product fast is to hold a workshop. Now,
usually you would sell a workshop as a higher-priced product later in your funnel. But the great thing
about holding a workshop is it can create not only a product for you, but also a lead magnet. In this
case, your lead magnet can be the first hour of your training or a specific training inside your workshop,
while your entire workshop can still be sold as a product later on.
For instance, if you looked at the last Funnel Hacking Live, you may have noticed something interesting.
It was a three-and-a-half-day event, but during the very first presentation (my keynote presentation), I
streamed it live for everyone to see for free. Why did I do that? Because everyone who wasn’t at Funnel
Hacking Live saw it and thought, “Oh my gosh, this was so much better than I thought!”
When I cut off the live stream, they freaked out and said, “Oh man, I have such a fear of missing out
(FOMO) right now! What else is happening at Funnel Hacking Live? What else am I missing out on?”
Then, when I told them, “Hey, you should buy tickets for next year because you’re missing out on this
year,” they immediately jumped at the chance to buy tickets. We sold over 1,000 tickets to people before Funnel
Hacking Live even ended, just because of FOMO!
Imagine if you created a workshop where you trained a whole bunch of people in your industry on
whatever training they needed, and then you offered part of that workshop for free as your lead magnet.
You could take the very first presentation and say, “If you want to watch the first hour of my amazing
workshop where I teach you how to (your training), put in your email and I’ll give you the first hour of
my $2,000 workshop.”
L E A D F U N N E L S S W I P E F I L E | 23
When they watch it, they’re going to get all this FOMO and think, “Oh my gosh, that was amazing! I
wonder what else is inside the course…” Then it’s a natural fit to sell your workshop to them in your
follow-up funnel. By holding one workshop, you’ve created a lead magnet to give away and an info
product you can later sell on your thank you page or in your follow-up funnel.
I hope you’ve seen as we’ve gone through nine different ways to quickly create info products that we
weren’t just talking about creating lead magnets; we were talking about creating info products. After
you make an info product, you can pull out your best piece and turn it into a lead magnet. Then, you can
sell your whole info product as your first product! You’re basically telling your audience, “If you liked
this lead magnet, then you’ll love this product!